Natural dog products

Our range of natural dog products aid in the health and well being of dogs by healing and nurturing them with safe, natural aromatherapy oils. These natural dog products work through the olfactory system (smell) and through the skin, with no side effects.

Eye care for your dog

Our Soothing Eyes for Pets helps soothe your pet's itchy and irritated eyes. It is also a safe natural way to help reduce mucous, secretions and discharge from the eyes.

(Only to used around the eyes)

Unpleasant dog odour

Our Soothing Cologne for dogs controls unpleasant odours by deodorising the dog's coat.

Matted coat

Our Soothing Cologne for dogs helps prevents the coat from matting and prevents fly-away hair.

Stressed dogs and puppies

Our Calm Me Solution for dogs and puppies helps to relax dogs and puppies in stressful conditions.

Smelly dog’s breath - dental care for your dog

ToothPowder is a safe natural way to provide dental care for your dog and help keep your dog’s teeth strong, gums healthy and breath fresh. Using ToothPowder on a regular basis also helps prevent tartar build-up in your dogs teeth, one of the main causes of gum disease in dogs, by removing food particles and bacteria that collect below the gum line.

Sore joints, muscles and minor skin irritations

Our Paw and Muscle Cream is a safe natural way to soothe sore muscles, joints and minor skin irritations.

If conditions persist  PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VET

Sore paws

Over time, when an animal walks on pavements regularly, their paws can become sore, hardened and painful due to the sand and the chemicals that are sprayed onto the pavements can get into the paws leaving them hard and sore. Our Paw and Muscle cream is a natural dog product that will help prevent these problems.

Repel and deter unwanted nuisance dogs and stop dogs from marking their areas

Dog and Cat Away deters dogs from marking their areas. It is a natural, pleasant smelling spray that repels nuisance dogs.