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How to blend essential oils

To get the best results from your essential oil blends it is important to mix them well.

For each essential oil required for the blend, gently poor the specified amount of drops into the bottle of carrier oil as outlined in our blend recipes. Place the cap on the bottle and shake vigourously.

If the essential oil blend requires the use of two carrier oils you will need an empty 50ml carrier bottle.

If you wish to make smaller quantities of the blends, reduce the quantities proportionately. For example, if the recipe specifies 4 drops of essential oil and 50ml of carrier oil, you can make half that quantity by using 2 drops of essential oil and 25ml of carrier oil. You will need to have some spare smaller bottles handy for doing this. We find the small dropper bottles are great for mixing a variety of blends in smaller quantities. You can order them here.