Customers Say

Enjoyed a holiday in Christchurch New Zealand.
Shopping in Animates purchased Herbology Dog's Calm Me for my dog at home. Very happy that it works that well and smells amazing that I contacted Herbology to purchase more as we do not have products like this in Japan

Lovely Julie who owns Natural Options in Te Puke sells our Colloidal Silver and products has been having such happy customers we had to share.
Lizzie had been to get help with her most annoying swelling on her shoulder but could only given tablets until going to Julie who suggested that she sprayed on Colloidal Silver and how very pleased to find that the swelling is completely gone after a few days.

Sue who has been very troubled with bad rosacea on her face and had tried all creams ect that are on the market with no success asked if Julie at Natural Options could help her as in her job she dealt with alot of the public.Amazing cleared within a week.Sue just loves this spray and it's all natural too.

Having just stopped in New Zealand to see my daughter
Came across in a health shop the amazing Organic Relaxing Oil which helps me sleep and relax as we are sailing around the world.
Got my daughter to order a large box.
When she comes over to Canada I will not be without.

Was on holiday in beautiful Raratonga but the mosquitoes were eating me all the time and I tried all products until friends we were with gave me a bottle of Herbology Mosquito repellent and success no mosquito.On coming home I phoned Herbology to order more and tell them how happy I was.

My daughter has a bulldog who has been biting himself until he bleeds for sometime.She has tried all products until Faye gave us Stop The Itch cream  and  what a relief for her she has stopped chewing herself. Thanks so much,Leslie.

Thank you for the  great products,Organic Jojoba,Sweet Almond and Rose Hip with all the  wonderful advice and also for special
 packaging! The last time I bought these  from other companies I found them to be not  to what they should be but yours are certainly as they should be,Fantastic.

 All greatly appreciated!
 Mabel who lives on the boat in Marlborough  

Thank you for helping us with your Dog's Calm Me.

Our friends gave us a bottle for our dog and it has helped him immensely.

Trying to buy in Australia  so we can have when the next problem comes along with the dog. Thanks, Fiona

Love the Organic Jojoba  as it has made such  a huge difference to my skin.Used to be troubled with dry areas on my face.Applying the Organic Jojoba after cleansing has really given my skin a glow, Even my Thanks.

Love the hair nourisher.Always had a problem with my scalp being dry and itchy which was embarrasing.

Since using the hair nourisher I now have no itching or dry scalp.

Thanks,Bev  Welcome Bay .

We have customers say that the people suffering with Alzheimer's are liking the organic relaxing oil.Great product.