Taking care of yourself...naturally!

Enhance your wellbeing with essential oil blends

Our Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil are excellent organic carrier oils that can be used for massage by themselves, or as an organic carrier oil for pure essential oil blends. Adding essential oils gives the carrier oil an aroma which has a positive impact upon your health, depending on your choice of oils.

IMPORTANT: Please follow all safety precautions and do not use aromatherapy as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Mixing your essential oil blends

Mix your blend well in a dark coloured glass bottle by gentling rolling the bottle between your hands. You may wish to increase the quantity by multiplying your blend by 4 or 5 times so you can use it several times.


Add the blend to your diffuser in the quantity advised according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This would usually be 5 or 6 drops.


For a relaxing soak in the bath, add 10 drops of your blend to the bath water after you have finished running the bath and prior to getting in the bath. You can also, with most essential oils, add the oils directly to the bath water. In this situation you would add 6 drops of your choice of essential oils directly to the bath water after you have finished running the bath. Adding both the essential oil and the carrier oil means you benefit from the nourishing effects of the carrier oil.

Bath salts

Mix the required amount (usually 15 to 20 drops) of your blend into your favourite homemade bath salt recipe.

Massage oil

Our Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil can be mixed with 100% essential oils to create your own blends, tailored specially to enhance your lifestyle. Mix your blend with 50ml of Jojoba Oil or 50ml Sweet Almond Oil.


The following are some suggested blends for you to try. In some cases we have given you several options to try. 

Antiseptic – An extremely effective antiseptic

6 drops of T-tree oil. T-tree oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used neat to treat pimples, acne, athletes foot and other infections.

Anxiety, alleviate nerves - May assist in relieving anxiety and reduce nervous tension

5 drops of Bergamot or/  Basil or/ Camphor or/ Sandalwood or/ ylang ylang.

Appetite – May assist with curbing your appetite

5 drops patchouli

Brain – May assist with stimulating the brain cells and strengthening the mind

5 drops Rosemary. Warning: Not to be used if you have high blood pressure.

Circulatory system – Improvement of the circulation

5 drops cypress or/ lemon

Cold and flu fighter – May assist with clearing the head and releasing excess mucous

5 drops Eucalyptus (works with the respiratory tract)

Cholesterol – May assist in reducing cholesterol in the blood

5 drops orange sweet

Confidence – May assist in enhancing your confidence

5 drops jasmine or/ ylang ylang.

Depression – May assist in reducing depressive symptoms

5 drops jasmine or/ 5 drops peppermint

Digestive system - Soothing the digestive system

5 drops lemon or/ Spearmint

Fatigue – May assist in reducing feelings of fatigue

5 drops lemongrass or/ peppermint

Gastric complaints – May assist with reducing gastric complaints

5 drops tangerine

Health – May assist in promoting good health

5 drops marjoram

Heart – Soothes the heart

5 drops rose oil

Heart and lungs – May assist in stimulating the heart and clear congested lungs

5 drops Camphor

Hormones – May assist in regulating the hormonal system

5 drops geranium

Illness recovery – May assist in the recovery of illness

5 drops lemongrass

Immune system – May assist in building the immune

5 drop of tree oil

Insomnia – May assist with insomnia

Put a few drops of Lavender on a pillow. Warning: Do not use lavender if you have low blood pressure.

Jet lag  – May assist in reducing feelings of jet lag

5 drops lemongrass

Muscle pain – May assist in soothing painful muscles

5 drops Marjoram

Nervous system – May help to strengthen the nervous system

5 drops juniper or/ 5 drops Neroli

Palpitations – May assist in easing palpitations

5 drops Neroli

Pre-menstrual tension

5 drops Rose Hip oil

Relax, soothe and calm the mind - May assist in relaxing, soothing and calming the mind.

5 drops Chamomile essential oil, 15 drops Lavender essential oil, 5 drops Neroli essential oil

Romance - Helps to create a romantic atmosphere

5 drops Sandalwood essential oil, 15 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil, 5 Drops Jasmine essential oil

Stomach ailments – May assist in easing stomach ailments

5 drops Fennel

Uplift - May assist in uplifting and energising

5 drops Bergamot essential oil, 15 drops Geranium essential oil, 5 drops Rose essential oil or/ 5 drops of basil

Vaginal thrush – May assist in the treatment of vaginal thrush

6 drops of T-tree oil or/ Ylang Ylang IN BATH WATER. Warning: Do not use if you have low blood pressure.