Taking care of yourself...naturally!

Organic skin care and hair care

Herbology offers a range of high quality organic oils and aromatherapy products to provide you with natural skin care and hair care options.

Organic oils and aromatherapy products provide a pure, natural and low cost way to approach skin care and hair care that is safe, effective and simple. Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. 

All our organic skin care and hair care products contain the natural goodness of 100% pure organic oils that nourish and heal.

They contain properties essential for nourishing dry skin, balancing oily skin, caring for the soft sensitive skin of babies and healing many skin and scalp problems.

Using organic skin care products on your face, body and hair reduces your exposure to toxins and minimizes their potentially harmful effects on people, animals, waterways and the environment. You can also help care for the earth by recycling Herbology containers and packaging.

Our products provide a natural approach to healthy living and improving your emotional and physical well-being – from the outside in. Our 100% organic oils are cold pressed and have been refined without the use of chemical agents.

We have not forgotten our animal friends. Herbology has also developed a range of safe, natural pet care products to help you care for your pets.

We would love you to take the time to try our safe, natural alternatives to skin and hair care… it won’t hurt.


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Find out why our skin care range is all you need to care for and nourish your skin

Had enough of spending large amounts of money on expensive skin care products?

Tired of having a cluttered bathroom cupboard?

Worried about the chemicals contained in your skin care products?

Want to contribute more to a healthy, sustainable environment?

Not happy with using products that are tested on animals?

Busy and looking for a simple way to care for your skin?

These are just a few of the reasons Herbology organic oils are perfect for you.